UPDATE: Prepare to shell out bucks with shop exclusive Digimon Tamers figures


Prepare to shell out your hard earned bucks as pre-orders for partners Makino Ruki and Renamon and Blast Mode Beelzebumon and Impmon starts today, May 20.

The Digimon Tamers figures by Megahouse are both limited and shop exclusives, following the previous releases from the G.E.M. series. Both figures are available at Megatrea and Premium Bandai shops.

Ruki and Renamon is available for ¥6,800 and is slated for an October release. Beelzebumon and Impmon cost ¥13800 and expected to arrive on the same month.

Meanwhile, the DigiQueen and her partner stand 130mm tall which could be around 1/10 scale, following the previous Digimon releases from the G.E.M. series. Based on the promotional images, Ruki will also have interchangeable Tamers’ cards and a Digivice on hand.


On the other hand, Beelzebumon stands 180mm tall alongside a smaller Impmon. The height of Beelzebumon could be quite smaller compared to Angemon and Angewomon, which stand around 220mm. It could be because of his crouching pose, so it could be safe to assume that he is also a 1/8 scale.


The said figures are part of MegaHouse’ G.E.M. Digimon series which has previously produced Angemon and Angewomon, and to be released Garurumon and Wizardmon. A Lillimon figure was also announced.

Other releases from the series includes a complete set of Digimon Adventure’s chosen children with their rookie Digimon and Adventure 02’s Ichijouji Ken and Wormmon.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]

Makino Ruki and Renamon

You can get the DigiQueen and her partner from these trusted sites:

Megatrea Shop | Premium Bandai |  Nippon Yasan


Beelzebumon and Impmon

Catch these badass Digimons from these trusted sites:

Megatrea Shop | Premium Bandai | Nippon Yasan


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