About the Blog

Yo, Fairy Tail fans!

Welcome to this blog. If you’re reading through this page, there’s probably only one reason why you’re seeing it right now: Fairy Tail. And yes, this blog is dedicated for Fairy Tail fans like you *and me of course*! But it’s not just Fairy Tail, this blog aims to help fellow fans know more about the other side of the series that will add up to their fangirling/fanboying on the show. This blog will focus on Fairy Tail figures *or toys, if that’s what you prefer*!

Due to the scarce resources and information about Fairy Tail figures on the web, I decided to create this blog. It will contain the latest news about Fairy Tail figures (scale, figma, nendo, garage kits and more) and occasional figure reviews if time permits! Hopefully this can guide other collectors specially the starting ones to build their own Fairy Tail collection.

Although this focuses on Fairy Tail, it will also contain other figures and things from other shows which interest me.

I don’t own most of the images that will be featured here, but rest assured that it will be properly attributed and given credits to whoever owns it.

About the Author

I only started collecting action figures back in 2013, but it’s been my childhood dream ever since. Now with all the means, I started to build my own collection bit by bit. Thanks to Fairy Tail, I was able to grasp this lifelong dream of mine.

I mainly collect Fairy Tail figures, but it is not limited to that alone. I also collect other figures from other shows and would definitely want to expand my collection some time. But it’s always good to start off with one series *and never pressure yourself and be tempted to collect another if you don’t have the means yet. Haha!*

Toy photography also interests me, so from time to time there will be photos that will be featured here from yours truly, though I’m just an amateur photographer, but I’m open to not-so-nice criticism and opinion. I’ll be practicing my skills here.

Contact Us

For emails and suggestions, contact us at ftcornerph@gmail.com

Background image (c) http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/File:Wiki_Background.png


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