Magazine Scan: First look at Lillimon, Beelzebumon painted prototypes

The V-Jump’s latest magazine issue gives us a first look at the painted prototypes of Megahouse’ G.E.M. Lillimon and Mimi as well as Beelzebumon and Impmon.

Both figures are looking more impressive now that they are fully painted, as expected from MegaHouse’ excellent work.

While Beelzebumon exudes a cool and badass image, Lillimon is looking cute together with her human partner. Only concern about the latter Digimon is that she might come out really small, like a 1/10 instead of the previous releases’ 1/8.

Furthermore, Beelzebumon and Impmon’s pre-orders will open in May while Lillimon and Mimi will be available in August. No price announced yet but following the previous releases, these figures might be another limited and exclusive again.

Both figures are part of MegaHouse’ G.E.M. Digimon series, joining the already released Angemon and Angewomon, and to be released Garurumon and Wizardmon.

Other releases from the said series includes a complete set of Digimon Adventure’s chosen children with their rookie Digimon, Adventure 02’s Ichijouji Ken and Wormmon, and Tamers’ Makino Ruki and Renamon.

[via Figsoku]


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