Winter WonFes ’17: Be the Ultimate Husbando with Life-Size Erza Scarlet


1/1 Scale Erza Scarlet by Figurex

This year’s Winter Wonder Festival (WonFes) is almost over, and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the good old days when new figure announcements used to leave us excited (and our wallets crying). But with the show’s year-long hiatus, I already expected the figure drought for Fairy Tail will continue.

Well, this proves to be true, except for the life-size Erza Scarlet announced this event. Aside from that, there hasn’t been much to look forward to this season.

Speaking of which, this WonFes we learned the existence of a scaled Erza from an unheard company called Figurex. This almost got me excited, not until I learned it was a 1/1 scale or a life-size figure. And being life-size, it only means insane price, costing over a million yen.

Since my wallet is not really a fan of huge figures (and insane prices), I’d have to pass on this one. However, if you are Titania’s ultimate husbando, then getting this a must. Time to show your love for Fairy Tail’s strongest female wizard.

[via MFC]


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