HQF Laxus, Mirajane unveiled at TFD4; new Fairy Tail figure lines revealed

[UPDATE: Added closer images for the SC line]

If last year’s Tsume Fan Days (TFD) disappointed fans with the lack of new Fairy Tail figures, this year’s annual celebration went all out as they revealed not only one, not two, but six new figures from the series, September 10-11.

On the second day of Tsume Fan Days 4, the Luxembourg-based company wowed fans with their announcement of a fully painted HQF Laxus Dreyar and the prototype of HQF Mirajane Strauss.

HQF Laxus Dreyar. (Photo by Nonsolohobby)

Looking fierce and badass, the new HQF Laxus figure is on the attack mode, ready to fry his enemies while sparks of lightning surround him. The dynamic pose is seemingly based on the battle between the lightning dragonslayer and Wizard Saint Jura Neekis during the Grand Magic Games arc.

Everything looks perfect on this figure, except the name engraved on his base plate which spelled “Luxus.” This is probably derived from his European name translation, which is a really minor thing to whine about.

WIP HQF Mirajane Strauss. (Photo by Nonsolohobby)

On the other hand, a WIP prototype of Demon Mirajane was also revealed during TFD4. The HQF prototype shows Mira in her Satan Soul form, ready to blast her enemies with her Soul Extinctor.

With this move of Tsume, it gives us Fairy Tail fans a ray of hope to collect more of our favorite guild members. However, as much as I want to hug Tsume for these additions, these only make me want to have a v2.0 of their previously released HQF more. Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, and Erza Scarlet would definitely look inferior with Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Laxus, and Mirajane standing next to them.

New Fairy Tail SC line. (Photo from MFC)

Moreover, a new figure line was also revealed during the event, dubbed as the Fairy Tail SC line. This line is actually the “cheaper” line Tsume teased last year.

The new line includes a fully painted figures of the original Team Natsu, including Natsu himself, Lucy, Gray, and Erza. While this is a great addition to our collection, I certainly hope they would at least include Happy in the line. Team Natsu would not be complete without the series mascot.

New Fairy Tail HQS Plus line. (Screencap from Tsume-Art FB page)

In line with this, Tsume also surprised fans with their new Fairy Tail HQS Plus announcement last week. In a video posted on their official Facebook page, Tsume artist Giorgia was shown sketching Salamander while CEO Cyril Marchiol writes the words “HQS+ Coming 2017”.

While no confirmation yet on which character will be made for the Fairy Tail HQS Plus line, sources said the company is planning to make the three first generation dragonslayers namely Natsu, Wendy Marvel, and Gajeel with their dragon parents Igneel, Grandine, and Metallicana respectively. Whether these information are credible or not, the new HQS Plus line is something Fairy Tail figure collectors should ultimately look forward to, given the superb quality of the previous statues Tsume released.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via Tsume-Art’s Facebook Page, itakon.it, Nonsolohobby, and MFC]

HQF Laxus Dreyar

HQF Mirajane Strauss

New Fairy Tail Line (SC and HQS Plus)


7 thoughts on “HQF Laxus, Mirajane unveiled at TFD4; new Fairy Tail figure lines revealed

      • That IS quite a let down now that I see as well…especially for Lucy as they are only JUST making a figure with her face pretty correct. Not sure why they look so small next to Laxus, him being a 1/8, but I guess they are all pretty small. Will try to get them, but Laxus is certainly the focus.

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      • Still not a fan of the faces. Plus Lucy’s keys are so oversized. >.< And I don't think I will appreciate the size of the new line. Most probably will pass on this, unless they make more characters.


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