Orca Toys reveals White Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet

Jellal-sama… Uhhh!

[EDIT: Updated price, release date and added more images]

Just a few days since the release of Black Cat Lucy Heartfilia, Orca Toys seems to be catching up on the last days of the summer hotness as they finally revealed the sizzling prototype of White Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet.

Just like Lucy, Erza is a 1/6 scale figure. She measures 5.07 inches in height and 9/75 inches in length. Erza dons a cat-like outfit with a white two-piece bikini, gloves and brown stockings. She is also looking fierce as ever with a sword on her hand.

But since this is a gravure style figure, it is not surprising for her to be in a fanservice-y pose. She is sitting in a seductive manner, which I prefer not to discuss further.

Basing on the promotional shots, Titania is not looking very much like Erza upon looking at the face. I think a little improvement could be done to get a more likeness on the face, and basing on  what Orca Toys did on the Black Cat Lucy, this is not far to be done.

Another weird looking area on this figure is the stomach part. The lines on her stomach could either be too realistic it is awkward to look at or too unrealistic it should not have looked that way.

However, despite the company being on a roll with Fairy Tail figures, it actually took them over a year to finally reveal Titania’s prototype since her announcement.

It is still unclear if Orca Toys will also make a variant for this character, as what they did with the White Cat and Black Cat Lucy. It is not unlikely, so I am looking forward to see it and hoping it would not be as seductive as this one.

White Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet is is available for pre-orders for ¥13,800. She is slated for a December release.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via Orca Toys’ Twitter]


2 thoughts on “Orca Toys reveals White Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet

  1. Wow…she is hot…but I am not too interested in these cat girl gravure figures. The X-Plus bikini ones actually have canonocity and variety with them. I am going to hold off on this one and the Lucy’s, as much as I love the blonde, in favor of the Lucy and Aquarius.


    • Same sentiments here. But I actually got interested with Orca Toys’ white cat Lucy tbh. However I’m no fan of sexy outfits so I will also pass on this line.


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