Summer WonFes ’16: Orca Toys reveals Black Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet

Just when we thought Summer Wonder Festival (WonFes) 2016 would end without seeing a single Fairy Tail figure, Orca Toys’ Black Cat Gravure Style Erza Scarlet came showing up. While this is not much of a news to me, it is better than nothing, right?

The new announcement is  a variant of the previously announced 1/6 White Cat Gravure Style Erza. It features the same sculpt but with a black swimsuit and a red sword sheath. Personally, I prefer the white version since it seems less suggestive than the black. But either way, I would not be getting any of them unless I have extra cash, which I do not have.

We could have hoped for more in this WonFes, but since the anime is on hiatus, the lack of Fairy Tail figures is expected. Hopefully next WonFes, we get to see more of our beloved fairies (and please, no more swimsuits).

Pre-order date, release date, and price are yet to be announced, so stay tuned.

[via MFC]


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