UPDATE: MegaHouse G.E.M. Motomiya Daisuke, Veemon prototype revealed; Katou Juri, Leomon unveiled

MegaHouse did not only bring us one, but we will have two new figures to look forward to in our display cabs. This is because MegaHouse revealed two additional casts for their Digimon line during the Digimon Adventure Festival (DigiFes) 2016 held last Sunday.

The much awaited prototype of MegaHouse G.E.M. Motomiya Daisuke, Veemon was finally revealed after a few months since its announcement. The fully painted figure shows Daisuke in a nice post, enthusiastically piggybacking Veemon.

Daisuke with Veemon pre-orders is set to open this August. No price and release date announced yet, but we can expect it as another limited and shop exclusive set, following the previous figures in the Digimon line.

On the other hand, the prototype of MegaHouse G.E.M. Katou Juri, Leomon also caught the fans off-guard. The announcement was quite unexpected, since many believed that if ever another Tamers cast will be added, it will be Jianliang Lee with Terriermon. But still, the Juri and Leomon duo is a good addition to the Tamers line.

With the revelation of Juri and Leomon, we just hope the other tamers will also join the previously announced Takato with Guilmon, Ruki with Renamon, and Beelzebumon with Impmon.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via yarukidase99 Twitter]

Daisuke with Veemon

Juri with Leomon



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