UPDATE: DigiColle Data 3 set revealed; Wizardmon joins Digimon hype

Data 3

The guessing game is over; the Digimon Collection (DigiColle) Data 3 was finally revealed, and it is not quite as we expected.

The third set of MegaHouse’ Digimon trading figure line did feature Adventure 02, but not as we predicted on a previous post. Unlike Data 1 and 2, the new set did not opt to cover all of the main Digimon partners from the series.

DigiColle Data 3 includes Rookies V-Mon, Wormmon, Patamon and Tailmon and Babies and In-Training forms Chibimon, Chikomon, Leafmon and Minomon. Surprisingly, the set also includes Terriermon and Lopmon, which was listed under Digimon Tamers in MFC.

The inclusion of the Tamers Digimon brought up quite a confusion to some. The possible reason for this might be that MegaHouse based the said set on the Hurricane Touchdown movie, which makes much more sense than having Adventure 02 and Tamers in one set. But this move leaves us wondering if we will ever get the rest of the 02 partners, and if we’re getting the other Tamers partners as well.

Anyway, pre-orders already started and it is slated for a March 2016 release.

On the other hand, along with the announcement of the Data 3 comes an unexpected revelation from the same company: they are making a Wizardmon figure! (I love you MegaHouse!)


It was quite a surprise that MegaHouse is making a minor character from the show, and not as part of a trading set but a standalone figure! And it’s already painted in full glory!

Wizardmon will be a part of MegaHouse’ G.E.M. series, which previously released a whole set of the Adventure casts as well as an upcoming Ichijouji Ken, Angemon and Angewomon.

Furthermore, Wizardmon stands 5.66 inches (145mm) and comes with his friend and life-savior, Tailmon. (Oh how nostalgic!)

Unfortunately, he is another limited and shop exclusive figure, available only at MegaTrea and P-Bandai shops. But if you wish to get him, pre-orders is already up and scheduled for a May 2016 release at ¥7400.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]

DigiColle Data 3

Wizardmon and Tailmon


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