X-Plus teases 1/8 Juvia Loxar re-release

When news of the upcoming season finale of the Fairy Tail anime broke all over the virtual world, I kind of prepared myself for the possibility of another hiatus. This could only mean that there will be less chance of getting new figures from the series in the next few months. But here we are, seeing a new announcement, although not exactly a new figure to get your hopes up with.

X-Plus is yet again on the move to increase their never-ending swimsuit line, this time going for a re-release of the 1/8 Juvia Loxar swimsuit version. *Yay, another swimsuit version. Great.*

Details about the figure is yet to be announced, but following the previous moves of the said company, it can only mean a few things: it can be an exact re-release of the original Juvia, an exclusive variant with a repaint on the swimsuit, or if they are being generous, another suntan version. But I highly doubt the first case.

I certainly hoped for a new 1/7 swimsuit figure to go with Lucy and Yukino at the very least, but I guess it will come eventually *crossing my fingers*. Whatever the case, please stay tuned for more details!

[via X-Plus Twitter]


3 thoughts on “X-Plus teases 1/8 Juvia Loxar re-release

  1. XD OF COURSE Now they say XD I have been following a site that has said they would be getting some in for ages, the release date was moved back a week (for the fourth time) So I said screw it today and went out and ordered the Amakuni Lucy XD Oh this is going to be a fun rush for cash…hopefully they wait a bit before the re release because I REALLY want a Juvia!


    • That’s disappointing. Anyway, she’s slated for a June 2016 release according to some sources, so I guess you can still have some time. XD

      As for me, I’m not really sure if I will snag her, since I’m still looking forward to their 1/7 line. I quite didn’t like their 1/8 because of too much fanservice. Hopefully they make waifu Juvia in 1/7 scale and the other casts as well.


      • June? Okay, I should be set then. Thanks! You’re a lifesaver! Yet another reason for me to love this site. :p

        I fully get what you mean about the fan service. I just happen to be a bikini fan so that, and the fact X-Plus has the greatest variety in characters, I am trying to find them all. I’ve got the Lucy’s and Yukino’s ordered and got lucky with others, but still have been having a tough time with Juvia because I don’t feel like paying the earth for her. A 1/8 would be best for me because then I wouldn’t be missing 1/8 Juvia XD But another 1/7 to go beside my mass of Lucy’s and Yukino’s would be good too!

        I was under the false impression before that only the X-Plus ones were good quality, but now that I know otherwise, the clothed figures are certainly preferable in my eyes to a hoard of bikinis, which, I have too many of now. And the GSC and Amakuni Lucy and Erza is really making me want others, just the rarity of those. Happy to meet someone with Juvia as their waifu 😀 Although I think mine is obvious haha!

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