UPDATE: X-Plus 1/8 Juvia Loxar re-release is repaint, limited

Without giving us much time to contemplate after a teaser, X-Plus has previewed the new look of their 1/8 Juvia Loxar’s swimsuit version re-release, which unsurprisingly is just a repaint and a limited version.

According to a Twitter status, the re-release version will feature a repainted swimsuit color of the original Juvia. It will also come with a limited edition base and a calendar.

Taking a closer look on the face, I can bluntly say that the original version is a lot better. Something about her lips bothers me, which seemed fine on the previous release. Furthermore, the color repaint from dark blue to a lighter shade of green isn’t much of a drastic change. It may just be a matter of preference, but the new color feels un-Juvia like. I feel like she will always put on anything blue than any other colors.

However, the limited edition base seems like something to look forward to. My guess is they will take on the beach-themed base they used for the Suntan version Lucy and Yukino, which is quite a nice touch.

[Edit: The limited edition base is basically the same base as the original but is printed with “NO GRAY NO LIFE” text.

The re-release Juvia is limited to 500 copies only and is available at the X-Plus Rakuten Shop. You can snag her for ¥6800 and is slated for a June 2016 release.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via X-Plus Twittter]


17 thoughts on “UPDATE: X-Plus 1/8 Juvia Loxar re-release is repaint, limited

  1. Actually, now that I think about it, I am pretty sure this is the first X-Plus exclusive that hasn’t been in a canon bikini. I mean, both gigantics were canon, and then the Suntanned set were both seen in canon. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember this bikini from anywhere. Still though I am happy they are making another Juvia at least for those of us who missed out on the first one. It would explain why they are only making 500. They are counting on those of us, myself especially, who missed out to jump on this Juvia (which I did). Not really a bad idea and all, but making her an exclusive repaint really messes up everything.


    • Great observation you got there. Honestly, I always thought the suntan version Lucy and Yukino are non-canon, but now that you mentioned it I found out their swimsuits are indeed canon. However, I agree that this Juvia may not be canon. If that holds true, then it is quite disappointing that they didn’t follow the pattern for the exclusive versions. I feel bad for those who collect the exclusive versions only wanting a canon.

      And I don’t see the sense for it being exclusive + non-canon. I mean why would one prefer a standard canon over non-canon + exclusive? I guess it’s a matter of preference. And perhaps it’s really meant for those who missed out on the original release, but I think they should have remained with the original color.

      This re-release makes me wonder if the other 1/8 swimsuit line will get exclusive versions each. If so, then I may have to consider getting this one. I’ve actually seen all of them together in a convention and they look awesome, definitely great addition to anyone’s Fairy Tail collection.


      • Thanks! And I agree the originals are better, but at this point most of the figures are wearing either non-canon swimsuits or soft-canon. Gigantic Lucy has her favorite floral bikini seen in the anime, Gigantic Erza has her legendary bikini from the OVA anime episode, The Suntanned Lucy has her starry bikini from the same OVA and then GMG arc, Yukino has her blue bikini she has on in the gmg arc, and then Mirajane has one of her bikinis from her match in said arc. All the others are either from cover pics like 1/8 Lucy, 1/8 Erza in both swimsuit and pose. I know the 1/8 Wendy is from a postcard (I have it) but no idea at all about Juvia. I have only seen her in a polka dot bikini so it saddens me that both Juvia’s could be non-canon. 😦 Juvia may not be my waifu, but I would have hoped to have gotten her in something canon. Well I’m getting her all the same. It just isn’t a real Fairy Tail collection without a Juvia figure 🙂

        They do! I noticed you linked a youtuber somewhere who does figure reviews. The X-Plus line really looks great, which makes it such a shame they cost so much. 1/8 Lucy and Erza are the cheapest at around 80ish and then 140ish (Erza sky rocketing because of new fakes being made in China) But then Mirajane, Juvia, and Wendy all cost the earth to buy, even used! I was super lucky with Mira, but paying 240 or more for Juvia or Wendy is insane. It really pays to get them when they come out. I can only imagine how much Juvia will cost in the aftermarket, let alone the Suntanned Lucy&Yukino!


      • After doing some image search, I might have just discovered the inspiration for her repainted swimsuit. I think it was based on the special end credits during the post-GMG arc in the anime, which I think is an artwork from Mashima.

        And if I may share this photo of the X-Plus swimsuit line here from a Fairy Tail event I attended. (Sorry for the photo quality) ^^,

        Well, this Juvia is a start if they are going to re-release the other figures. I just hope they get a pretty good sale for this one for better chances for the other characters.


  2. OF COURSE! Thank you! How could I forget about that? That was one of my favorite ending themes. Now her colors make perfect sense. Not shown in it in the show itself, but the outro is good enough for me 😀

    Really cool pic btw! Really makes one want to get the set all together!


    • Yeah I agree, as long as it appeared as part of the anime/manga/official artworks from Mashima, I’m okay with it. Now I remember wishing before that they’d do figures from that special end credits. It actually happened. Haha. Now if that was 1/7 scale, I wouldn’t have second thoughts. But I think this is good enough to be included in my wishlist. ^^,


      • Those credits were something else XD I think one of them was the one with Yukino running to school with toast XD I was surprised Lucy didn’t have any of those endings…

        I take it you’re not jumping on this one? I understand, 1/7 would have been nicer…oh, do you have the original Juvia then?


      • I think Lucy, Wendy and Erza already had their fair share of the special end credits (the ones in their pajamas/swimsuit in the DVD version). As well as the special credits in the Sun Village arc.

        And yeah, still on the fence about this one. Truth is, I passed on this line before because of Erza. I can’t afford to see her in chains. You know, not into fanservice stuff. That’s why I’m hoping for the 1/7 line, if ever they will continue, to make up for this set.


  3. XD You sound just like my beta reader/editor concerning Erza. He loves the figure, but the chains just ruin it for him. I keep her with minimal chains, but again wish she hadn’t had any on. The 1/7 battle line would really be better…so many possibilities for it. As for me though, Juvia is Juvia and she is a gem I just can’t pass up again. 🙂


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