X-Plus Gigantic Lucy Heartfilia comes with 2 variations

Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia - Gigantic Series (X-Plus)

The horror of exclusives has befallen on X-Plus’ Gigantic Series Lucy Heartfilia.

As we have feared during its announcement on the last Winter WonFes, this 1/4 scale figure will have 2 versions: a standard (pink) and an exclusive (floral) one.

We have seen the standard version in its full glory last time, and is slated for a May 2015 release for ¥15000. And as I pointed out before, it would be wise if you’ll get the exclusive version instead. It is more faithful to the anime than the standard, plus it has the same price and an extra good coming along.

The exclusive version will only be available on X-Plus Rakuten and pre-orders are open from February 27 to March 25 only. Aside from the different swimsuit color/paint, it comes with a limited Eco tote bag. (Yeah, really nice)

I really love the exclusive version since it looks pretty spot on with the character, although the paint on the bikini is a little shiny. It might have been better if it has the fabric feel visually. Nevertheless, I say this is a must buy for serious Fairy Tail collectors.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]

Standard Version

Exclusive Version


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