Gravure Style Lucy Heartfilia gets White Cat variant

If the Black Cat Gravure Style Lucy Heartfilia did not do much of an appeal to you (and to your wallet), then the White Cat variant might be the one you have been waiting for. Yes you read that right, a White Cat variant.

Orca Toys revealed a White Cat variant of Fairy Tail’s resident celestial wizard, and it’s looking a lot more promising than the other version.

Aside from the new color, this 1/6 scale figure also features a slightly different face from the previous version. It shows a smiling Lucy, which in my opinion makes a big difference that might finally win your bucks, but not as quite as impressive to top other previously released Lucy figures from other companies.

Despite the recent announcement, Orca Toys has not yet provided any update regarding the previously announced Erza Scarlet.

If this version wins your heart, White Cat Lucy is open for pre-orders for ¥12800 and is slated for a January 2016 release.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]


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