Suntan ver. Lucy, Yukino is X-Plus’ new exclusive

Despite the coming winter season, Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aguria sizzle with the summer hotness they even went tanned as X-Plus previewed their Suntan versions on Friday.

After teasing the figures on Tuesday, X-Plus finally revealed the Suntan version of the celestial wizards.

Very much like the standard version, the Suntan version showcases the celestial wizards in their two-piece swimsuits. Lucy wears a pink star-printed bikini versus the white heart-printed standard version. On the other hand, Yukino comes in a blue swimsuit. The latter’s standard version has not been revealed yet, but based on the source material, she might be wearing a green bikini.

A bonus beach-themed base was also revealed, although it is not sure if this will be exclusive for the Suntan version only or will be with the standard version as well.

The 1/7 figures will be limited to 300 pieces only and will be available for pre-orders on November 27 at X-Plus Rakuten store. No further information yet about the price and such so stay tuned for more updates!

[via X-Plus’ Twitter]


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