Kotobukiya’s BOF VI Nina is up for pre-orders

I’m a sucker for characters with wings, so when pre-orders opened for these nostalgic winged figures, I immediately dug in. And now here’s another winged beauty opening for pre-orders, and I’m already losing my head.

Opening for pre-orders is Nina from the upcoming game Breath of Fire (BOF) VI: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi. Personally, I’m not familiar with the new game but I’ve been a fan of the BOF franchise since it’s previous installments. So when I heard a decent Nina figure is on the works, I was pretty excited.

I must say Kotobukiya did a pretty well job with this figure, and I was truly captivated by Nina’s expression. There’s something in this figure that exudes an elegant aura that convinces me to include her in my collection.

The base is also a nice touch to the overall feels of the figures. The base is simple showing water ripples as Nina tiptoes while floating midair.

And of course, the wings completed the total appeal of this figure. Ah, wings.

The 1/8 scaled Nina stands 10.14 inches tall and is slated for a June 2016 release. You can get her for ¥12800. I guess she’s a bit pricey for her scale, but she may be well worth it.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]

If you are interested, you can get her from these trusted sites:

Hobby Link Japan | AmiAmi


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