Garurumon joins MegaHouse’ G.E.M. series


You might have seen this coming, but this is the real deal: Garurumon is coming!

With the Digimon hype still intensely burning up after the first part of the Digimon Adventure tri movie started screening, MegaHouse continues to ride with it as they revealed an unpainted Garurumon figure at the MegaHobby Expo Fall 2015.

The figure shows a heartwarming scene depicting the friendship between Garurumon and his DigiDestined partner, Ishida Yamato who is sitting next to him while playing the harmonica.

The 1/10 scale Garurumon will be joining the previously announced Angemon and Angewomon as well as the surprising Wizardmon under the G.E.M. series.

This recent announcement might be a signal that MegaHouse is not stopping from giving us a complete set of the Champions (and hopefully the Ultimate and Mega forms) to fulfill our collection dreams! As long as the Digimon Adventure tri is airing, it’s safe to assume that Garurumon won’t be the end of this Digimon fever.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via MFC]


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