Bandai unveils Digimon Tri DigiDestined

Grown ups Yagami Taichi (right) and Ishida Yamato (left) with their Digimon partners

The Digimon Adventure Tri hype is nowhere near the end, in fact it’s just starting, and Bandai is jumping right in the feels train with none other than the grown up DigiDestined and their Digimon partners!

While MegaHouse opted to make the whole set of the younger DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure, Bandai unveiled figures of grown ups Yagami Taichi and Ishida Yamato along with Agumon and Gabumon during the Tamashii Nations 2015. Both figures are under Bandai’s Figuarts Zero line.

Yagami Taichi and Agumon

Ishida Yamato and Gabumon

The said figures are based from Digimon Adventure Tri, a new movie series from the franchise which serves as a direct sequel to the 1999 series. The first movie entitled Saikai (Reunion) is set to be released on November 21.

Aside from the two DigiDestined, the same company also showed a Diaboromon figure under the same line.


Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via AmiAmi Facebook and MFC]


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