MegaHouse hints DigiColle Data 3

It could just be a mistake, but based on the banner tweeted by MegaHouse, it seems like the Digimon Collection (DigiColle) Data 3 is already on the works.

Assuming the rough translation and the Romanji texts on the banner, the next set of trading figures following Data 1 and 2 might be scheduled for a March 2016 release while pre-orders might open this November.

Following the previous DigiColle releases and the announcement of Ken under the G.E.M. series, Data 3 might feature the Adventure 02 Digimon partners, except Patamon and Tailmon and their In-Training and Babies forms which were previously on the first Data sets. This left us with Rookies V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon and Wormmon and their Babies and In-Training forms Demiveemon and Chibomon, Pururumon and Poromon, Tsubumon and Upamon, and Leafmon and Minomon.

As mentioned, we can just be assuming here (why can’t I read Japanese?!?) but as usual, we will follow up if there are any progress so stay tuned for more updates!

[via MegaHouse Twitter]


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