Korra joins ZWYER Industries’ Avatar line

ZWYER Industries’ passion to bring Avatar figures to fans continues to burn as the teaser of the next figure came on Tuesday.

Following the release of Chief Lin Beifong last July, the greenhorn company teased the next figure from the line, which is none other than the Avatar herself, Korra of the Water Tribe.

Based on the teaser photos, The Legend of Korra’s (TLOK) protagonist stands in a seemingly static pose, much like the first figure. I bet it was inspired by the opening sequence of the show, wherein Korra is seen standing near Aang’s monument in the Republic City. Honestly, I kind of expected the static pose already, but I was somehow hoping to get a more dynamic one. I would have preferred a bending stance, because obviously, the element bending has been a big part of this franchise.

Furthermore, the photos also showed part of the figure’s base, which seems like a chunk of rock with a touch of water splashes on the side (or could it be Korra’s water bending?), which strongly proves the inspiration theory above. With these teaser photos, it gives us a pretty good idea how the Avatar will look as a full figure.

Korra is the second figure from the Avatar line, which is expected to have a complete casts (or at least, the Team Avatar from both Avatar the Last Airbender [ATLA] and TLOK) in the future.

ZWYER Industries was established in 2013 and founded by two crew members of TLOK series. It focuses on the creation of goods based on animated properties.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via ZWYER Industries Facebook]


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