X-Plus’ regular Gigantic Erza charms in pink swimsuit

Fairy Tail – Erza Scarlet – Gigantic Series – Swimsuit (X-Plus)

As opposed to previous speculations, X-Plus Gigatic Erza Scarlet’s regular version dons a bright pink swimsuit instead of the source material’s black.

Tracing back, the announcement of the 1/4 scale unpainted prototype of Fairy Tail’s strongest female mage during the Summer Wonder Festival got fans wondering how the figure will look like. Many have speculated how it will be painted, until the source material was shown and so we assumed she will come in black bikini.

But as the announcement was made right after the reveal of the exclusive version, Titania in pink swimsuit got mixed opinions from fans. Some say the bright color doesn’t match her personality, as she never wore one in the show. But personally, I prefer the actual paint than the source material, especially after seeing an edited image with a black repaint. The pink paint seem to radiate a “cheerful” aura of Erza, which I prefer to see on my shelf than the black.

However, compared to the exclusive version, the regular version seems to lack details to justify its hefty price. So I think the wise choice is to grab the exclusive instead.

Anyway, if you grabbed Gigantic Lucy Heartfilia, then Titania is also a must get figure, whether you opt for the regular or the exclusive version.

Pre-orders started yesterday and will last until September 24 only. She is slated for October 2015 release at ¥15000.

So what are your thoughts and opinions about this figure? Share it on the comments section below!

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via X-Plus’ Facebook]


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