Summer WonFes 2015: X-Plus announces more Fairies in swimsuit

Tired of seeing Fairy Tail girls in swimsuit? Well here’s more: X-Plus will be making 3 more fairies in their bikinis!

X-Plus revealed 3 more figures of girls in their swimsuits during the Summer Wonder Festival 2015 (WonFes). The announcement includes a Gigantic Erza Scarlet and a 1/7 scale Lucy and Yukino figures.

1/4 Scale Erza Scarlet

The Gigantic Erza’s prototype, which is a 1/4 scale, made it’s debut sporting a two-piece bikini while holding a popsicle.

As much as we are disappointed with this tiring swimsuit versions, this may be good news for those who grabbed the Gigantic Lucy. And in all fairness, this looks way better compared to the first swimsuit version from the same company, which is a great insult to Titania.

It is still unsure whether X-Plus will pull the same trick they did with Gigantic Lucy: having an exclusive and regular versions. But if they do, it leaves us wondering what differences the versions will have.

Aside from the Gigantic Erza, X-Plus also announced 2 more figures from the series which will not come as a 1/8 or 1/4, but a 1/7 scale! We’re not sure what X-Plus is thinking, but they’ll be making another Lucy figure in yet another swimsuit but just different scale. And as much as I like Lucy, this is really getting tiresome seeing her in swimsuit, all from the same company.

The other figure, which is a shocking reveal, is none other than Sabertooth’s Celestial Spirit mage, Yukino Aguria. Like the other figures, she is also wearing her two-piece bikini while what seemed like holding a golden key.

1/7 Scales Lucy and Yukino

Yukino sure is a shocker, which is not really bad since we are getting a scale of her. But it would be nice if they prioritized the other girls from Fairy Tail before jumping to another guild. And if they went on with the battle versions instead!

Anyway, price, pre-order and release dates for the said figures are yet to be announced so stay tuned.

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[via X-Plus’ Twitter and AmiAmi’s Facebook]


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