Take a look at Tsume’s Lucy Heartfilia

“Open the Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!”

After the long wait since it’s announcement, Tsume-Art finally showed a teaser of their figure take on Fairy Tail’s female lead, Lucy Heartfilia! And to everyone’s surprise, looks like she will come with an extra character… and it’s none other than Lucy’s closest celestial spirit, Aquarius! (*Sniff* Oh the feels, if you know what I mean.)

The pose really looks promising, which might be based on a scene between Lucy and Angel’s fight during the Oracion Seis arc, with the first sporting a yellow skirt and black boots, summoning Aquarius.

It is also notable how they placed the Fairy Tail mark on her hand wrong. But Tsume cleared that the figure is still a work in progress and they will confirm it with the licensor.

Despite that, we’re still crossing fingers for a great improvement on this figure, as compared to their previous releases. To be honest, the previous releases don’t live up to most fans’ expectations. But kudos to Tsume for continuing this line and fulfilling our dreams.

Anyway, details are still unknown as of press time, like when will pre-orders start, when will we see the full figure, or under what line it will fall. (Probably HQF, because it will be very bad if she is HQS or what.)

But the good thing is, here she is! We’re expecting her to show up in Tsume Fan Days 3 in September 12-13. Plus, we may be able to see the new Fairy Tail line they mentioned on a previous Facebook post. It says a new collection will be shown for fans who cannot collect expensive figures. Such a kind heart, Tsume.

And without much further ado, here’s the teaser I’ve been talking about! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion about this upcoming figure on the comments section below!

[via Tsume-Art’s Facebook]



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