Featured Review: 1/7 – GSC – Natsu Dragneel by tdyn0


It’s been a few months now since this blog started, and honestly, it’s getting hard filling it up with useful information and related stuff when you’re way behind the time when tons of figures were already released. There are already a number of figure reviews available all over the web, so there’s really no point in making our own. I’m really regretting the time when I was nowhere to be seen when the very first official scale figures (yes, more than one) were released back in 2012. I wish I knew about those figures then so I might have started this blog earlier.

Anyway, we can’t do anything about it now, and here I am thinking of ways how to fill this blog up. And thanks to Tomopop, I got a brilliant idea to solve this. 🙂

Today we will be introducing the Featured Review segment of this blog! In this segment, we will be featuring reviews (written articles, videos or any form) from other Fairy Tail collectors and fans. This segment will mostly feature previously released figures before the creation of this blog, so readers will be able to get a better view and insights on those figures. In that way, I don’t need to think over how to get back and review the old releases. (Yeah, it sounds a lazy job. Haha!)

So which figure is best to start off this segment is none other than the series’ protagonist, Natsu Dragneel by Good Smile Company! Yeah, so far GSC’s is my favorite version of Natsu, and we aren’t getting lots of him since then. For this month, our featured review comes from Youtube channel tdyn0! I’ve been subscribed to the channel for quite a while now, and I think you should too. He’s been reviewing a few Fairy Tail figures on his channel.

And without further ado, let’s get this thing started!


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