X-Plus surprises with 1/7 – Erza Scarlet – Battle Ver.

X-Plus 1/7 - Erza Scarlet - Battle Ver.

While 2014 has been the year for the much awaited return of the anime from its year-long hiatus, it has also been the peak of Fairy Tail figure releases and announcements. And while fans go hyped over its return, different companies have seen this as an opportunity to get their stuff on the market, to delight the fandom and leave their wallets broke as well.

We’ve seen scale PVC releases and announcements before: LucyNatsu, Gray and Erza from Good Smile Company; Natsu, GajeelErza and Gray from Tsume; exclusives Erza and Lucy from Amakuni; and the infamous bikini line Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Juvia and Mirajane from X-Plus. We even have the fire starter prize figures Erza and Lucy from Taito.

But X-Plus surprises fans with their painted prototype of the 1/7 – Erza Scarlet – Battle Ver. during the Miyazawa Model event, and probably a new line to look out for. Honestly I didn’t expect them to create a battle version line (I’m expecting it won’t stop with Erza) since they are better known for their bikini stuff. But I’m more than delighted to know there’s hope for more varied figures of the series.

The first picture of the figure released itself wasn’t really a wow. Well at first glance it certainly catches attention, with the striking pose and all. But when you take a closer look at the face, it’s kinda disappointing. It’s frustrating why companies fail to capture the epic face of Erza, basing on the recent releases, but I hope GSC can pull it off better. There’s also obvious seam lines on her yukata.

First picture released

But I learned from this not to judge a figure from just a single picture. Other pictures came immediately after the announcement, and thanks to better lighting and angle, the figure’s real awesomeness was revealed.

Fullmanga1416918545 Fullmanga1416918550

X-Plus Erza Battle Ver. is set to be released on January 2015 with a price of ¥11000. It’s quite expensive compared to GSC’s last releases but I do hope it’s worth it. I’ll definitely get her when I have the chance.

Photo Gallery

Check out the full gallery below for more photos. (Click on any image to launch a slideshow)

[photos (c) MFC]


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